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Everyone Needs A Warm Hug. St Albans’ wonderful creations have been aptly described by many of their adoring fans as a “warm hug”. That soft, soothing embrace which warms both body and soul.

Since 1951, three generations of the Gough Family have been crafting the finest natural fiber Blankets & Throws in the World. The Cape Woolamai Family first discovered St Albans in 2014, while on a scouting expedition to Australia in search of new treasures to bring back to our Friends across America. For decades our home had been adorned with some of the best of the UK & Ireland. All very wonderful. When we began living with our St Albans Throws, we knew we had found the best of the best.

Coco is a delicious, complex, yet subtle blend of three rich colors, creating a contemporary throw which naturally warms your room and your heart. Light, airy and soft, there is nothing like pure cotton against the skin. The textured knit of this full-size throw gives you plenty of blanket to wrap yourself in, or to share with a friend.

St Albans can bring you the best because they start with the best. St Albans’ breathable, nonallergenic, low-pilling and versatile cotton is an elegant, eco-conscious addition to any household. Available in a superb range of vibrant colors and knits, St Albans cotton gives an added touch of luxury, comfort, and simple beauty to any room.

As for this wonderful throw … This Coco is the calorie free way to warm your body and your spirits.

Quality. Beauty. Heritage. The 3 common threads woven into every St Albans creation.

  • Quality — St Albans works with only the finest natural fibers, responsibly sourced from the best producers in Australia, and around the World. The craftsmen of St Albans are equipped with the finest looms in the World, with which to perform their magic. Each St Albans creation is inspected twice: once before leaving the factory, and again on a full-size light table before being accepted into the Distribution Center.

  • Beauty — With an eye towards integrating fashion into items which are all too often created solely for form and function, the St Albans design team travels the world, keeping their finger on the pulse of what is on trend, as well as to which designs remain timeless classics.

  • Heritage — For 70 years, St Albans enduring commitment to excellence has been on display in homes around the world. It was this commitment to excellence which brought the 2nd generation to America to study at North Carolina State University for its world-renowned Textiles program. Knowledge which has helped elevate St Albans to a position of World leadership. Today, we are proud to bring the product of this heritage of excellence back to America.

Crafted for Life St Albans has long lived by the motto Crafted for Life. More than a slogan, Crafted for Life is a promise with 2 equally important meanings. Each St Albans Throw is crafted to be of heirloom quality. A family treasure which can pass through the generations. And each St Albans Throw is also crafted to be an integral part of your daily Life. To be that warm hug which adds a touch of luxury and comfort to all the days and nights of your Life.
  • What the St Albans (Australia) Label Means to You. When you see the St Albans label on a Blanket, Throw, Knee Rug (Half-Throw), or Scarf, you can buy, give, or live with confidence:

    • It is Crafted from the Finest Natural Fibers — St Albans works with only the finest natural fibers, responsibly sourced from the best producers in Australia, and around the World. The finest breathable, non-allergenic, low piling cotton. The finest, softest, pure Australian Merino wool. The finest high-elevation Peruvian Alpaca. And the finest South African Angora Mohair.

    • Superb Craftsmanship — The craftsmen of St Albans are equipped with the finest looms in the World, with which they perform their magic.

    • Each Piece Must Earn the Label — Before you see the St Albans label on any piece, that item has been inspected at the factory; and fully inspected a second time at the Distribution Center. Only when a piece has passed this rigorous inspection process does it earn the right to carry the St Albans label into your home.

    • A Heritage of Excellence — For 70 years, 3 generations of the Gough Family (Melbourne, AUS) have pursued their craft with an enduring commitment to excellence which can be found on display in homes around the world. It was this commitment to excellence which brought the 2nd generation to America to study at North Carolina State University for its world-renowned Textiles program. Knowledge which has helped elevate St Albans to a position of World leadership. Today, St Albans is led by Richard Gough (Grandson), for whom the factory has been a second home since he was 3. The knowledge, and passion for excellence burns just as hot in Richard as it did his Father and Grandfather before him.

    • You Are Purchasing an Item Which is Truly Crafted for Life — More than a motto, Crafted for Life is a promise. Every St Albans Blanket, Throw or Garment is crafted with the quality, commitment, and vision for delivering an heirloom quality piece to you and your family. At the same time, that very same piece is crafted with the intention of adding a touch of luxury to your daily Life. The Cape Woolamai Family has chosen to bring the St Albans Collection to our Friends across America, because we own, live with, and our lives have been enhanced by our St Albans blankets, throws, and garments.

    Choosing the Right Fiber & Form Factor for You. Richard Gough, Managing Director of St Albans, is a walking graduate course in Natural Fibers. Richard has forgotten more than we will ever hope to absorb about the attributes of each of the natural fibers. But allow us to share with you some key kernels of knowledge we have taken away from our discussions with Richard. Kernels which can help you select the ideal St Albans pieces for your purposes.

    • Cotton Cotton is the coolest of the 4 primary natural fibers St Albans uses for making their extraordinary blankets and throws. St Albans Cotton is especially soft, non-allergenic, and non-pilling. Cotton’s breathability, softness and absorbency contribute to why Cotton is a favored fiber for towels, beach blankets, light summer throws, and cooler heavy blankets and throws.

    • Merino Wool — St Albans sources the finest pure Australian Merino Wool for their blankets and throws. So soft that many people confuse it for Cotton, your St Albans merino throws are comfortable to the touch, even for those with sensitive skin. Merino wool is breathable, and vapor absorbent but water repellent. Where Cotton will absorb more that 300% of its weight in water, Merino will absorb less than 30%. What this means to you is that through the magic of Merino, your fine Merino blanket or garment will absorb and retain your body temperature, while shedding the excess moisture.

      Your St Albans fine Merino Throw is weighted to be light, not restrictive of movement, and to warm to just that cozy temperature just a few degrees above your body temp, and to regulate that for the duration of your rest and relaxation.

    • A Note About Wool Allergies … We are not medical professionals, and do not offer the following as medical advice. Since we began working with St Albans, Humphrey Law, and other professionals in the world of fine Australian Merino Wool, we have learned a great deal about Wool and the other natural fibers. As we have come to understand it, both research results and practical experience conclude that Wool itself is not an allergen. In fact, fine Australian Merino wool can be softer and better on sensitive skin than lower grades of cotton. What leads most people to believe they are allergic to wool is:

      a) The thicker, stiffer fibers with larger scales from which so many woolen items are made

      b) A sensitivity to the harsh chemicals used in processing lesser grades of wool in an effort to make it feel softer.

      Rule of Thumb: If you can pet a dog without problem (barring an allergy to Dander), then you can likely wear fine Australian Merino Wool directly against your skin without issue.

    • Alpaca — Alpaca is the softest of the natural fibers and is warmer than both Cotton and Merino. St Albans sources the finest wool from the famous Huacaya Alpaca, from the highest farming region in Peru. Alpaca is breathable, hypoallergenic, and naturally water repellent. Alpaca fibers have more hollow pockets within which to capture and hold warm vapor, which contributes to an Alpaca Throw being warmer than a comparable Merino Throw. The lightness and softness of the fiber makes Alpaca a wonderful fiber for crafting Blankets, Throws, Scarves and Ponchos.

      Alpaca fibers lack the resilience, or “memory” of Merino wool. What this means to you is that whereas Merino fiber is always trying to bounce back to keep those warmth capturing pockets open after being put under pressure, Alpaca fibers will not bounce back as quickly. Thus, as we suggest to our Friends, Alpaca is a wonderful fiber for putting on you, and a less effective fiber for putting under you, as in the case of socks. You will notice for instance that Humphrey Law blends Merino with Alpaca when making an Alpaca-based sock. The Merino is added to lend resilience to the sock and allow the Alpaca to better do its job.

      When we first introduced the St Albans collection to America, we showed the Alpaca throws to a friend who raises Alpacas and helps others start their own Alpaca Farms. He breeds some of the best Alpacas in the US, and sells garments and blankets made from their fleece. When we mentioned the St Albans name, his interest was piqued. He had heard of St Albans but had never seen of touched a St Albans Alpaca. When he first saw and touched the St Albans Alpacas his immediate reaction was “Wow! These are amazing. The handle is incredible. And the designs and dying … you just don’t see this. This is the best there is. These are the best in the World. Period.”

    • Mohair — Mohair is the warmest of the main natural fibers. Warmer than Cotton, Merino and Alpaca. Mohair is also known as the Diamond Fiber for the lovely sheen it gives off, and how well it takes to being dyed. Mohair is both extremely durable and resilient, making it very resistant to creasing. The most “prickly” of the four fibers discussed here, it is still less prickly than the lesser grades of Wool so many Americans are accustomed to.

      Most Americans are not familiar with Mohair, beyond a cultural reference to Mohair suits associated with the British Invasion of Rock & Roll in the 1960’s. When we were first discussing the St Albans Collection with Richard Gough years ago, we said to Richard: “We’re familiar with Cotton, we use plenty of Cotton in America. We’re familiar with Merino Wool, it is used in our ice-free coolers, and by Humphrey Law Socks. We have some familiarity with Alpaca, from friends who raise Alpacas, and some Alpaca products we have purchased. But we know nothing about Mohair. Why do we want a Mohair Throw?”

      The look we received was priceless. There was a momentary flicker in Richard’s eye which in the South it would be the “Bless your heart” look. Elsewhere, it might be translated to the “Just how uneducated are you” look. Without missing a beat Richard just looked us straight in the eye and said, “You’ll never get a better night’s sleep than sleeping under Mohair.” He went on to explain how the physical and thermal traits of Mohair, and how a Mohair throw will provide the warmth of a Merino or Alpaca piece at a fraction of the weight.

      We left Australia with Mohair throws, and a skepticism that Richard may have oversold the story just a bit. Returning home about the time the seasons were changing from Summer to Autumn, and the nights were getting cooler. Waking up with a chill in the middle of the night, we tossed our new Mohair throws on the bed. We could immediately feel the weightless added warmth. We expected to wake in a pool of sweat in the middle of the night. Instead, we awoke in the morning, completely comfortable and refreshed. Not being able to remember when we had a better night’s sleep. We repeated the experience the following night, and each night thereafter. Since those first nights, we have slept under Mohair, and can attest … you will never get a better night’s sleep than sleeping under Mohair.

    Choosing the Right Form Factor for You. Hopefully, we have helped better position the different natural fibers in your mind’s eye. Allow us to briefly discuss the different form factors available to you, and some of the benefits of each.

    • Throw — A Throw is typically 4’ x 6’ in size. Some throws may be larger depending on the fiber and the knit. Throws are commonly used for added warmth and comfort when relaxing on the chaise, couch, or recliner. They are also great as an added layer of warmth on a Twin bed, or a footer on a Full-Size, Queen or King bed.

      A Merino throw can be a great upgrade over a Cotton towel or throw when sitting on the patio or deck as the evening cools. Providing that warmth and comfort for you to continue to enjoy time with friends under the stars.

      Some in the Cape Woolamai Family have learned to sleep in modified Australian style. In AUS, it is common to make a bed with a Bottom Sheet topped with a Doona (what we in America would call a Comforter or Duvet). Then, they will add one or more Throws, as desired to regulate sleeping temperature. If the bed is being shared, each person can use the Fiber or Number of Throws of their choice to regulate their sleeping temperature.

      Being Americans, we cannot give up our Top Sheet, but we will make the bed with a Bottom Sheet, Top Sheet, plus a light bed cover. After that, each person adds the Throw(s) which will let him or her get the most refreshing rest. Far superior to the traditional American method of adding Blankets until the coldest person in the bed is warm, and the warm-blooded sleeper is waking up in a pool of sweat, or kicking off the covers in the middle of the night.

    • Throw Blanket — A Throw Blanket is typically about 6 1/2’ x 7 3/4’ is a similar to a throw but larger in scale. You can use a Throw Blanket on a Queen or King size bed as a throw for two people, if you will. Throws and blankets are similar, and while all throws are technically blankets, not all blankets are throws. Throw Blankets are designed to go over your ‘Doona’ or top sheet, not be tucked in, as a traditional blanket.

    • Knee Blanket — A Knee Blanket … a ‘Knee Rug’ in Australian … is a smaller Throw (typically 3’ x 4’) which is commonly used to cover your shoulders or your knees to keep them warm. They are excellent for using while seated in a chair, or a wheelchair, where the extra volume of a larger throw or blanket could be cumbersome. Natural fiber Knee Blankets are also great as a crib blanket. Being breathable, they naturally regulate temperature, and you need not worry if the baby were to inadvertently get the blanket over his or her face. And the Natural fibers are naturally flame retardant. They can also make for a great travel blanket for the planes, trains, and automobiles in your Life.

    A Commitment to Ethical & Sustainable Products. Since their inception in 1951 St Albans has exclusively crafted their fine products from natural, renewable, fibers. St Albans is highly regarded globally for their sourcing policies, and their meticulous work throughout their supply chain. The St Albans Team meets with their farming partners face to face, to ensure the proper care of animals and workers, and have the ability to trace fibers back to origin.

    St Albans handcrafted quality products are truly ‘Crafted for Life’. The natural properties and structural design of their products mean they are highly durable, and their beautiful original designs last the test of time. St Albans natural fiber products are 100% recyclable.
    Crafted By St Albans
    Fiber Type Cotton
    Knit Cross Knit
    Style Throw Blankets
    Color Dark, Greys, Neutral
    Size Chaise, Couch, Full/Double, Twin
    Length 72
    Width 51
    Height No
    Diameter No

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