We honor all manufacturer warranties for products purchased from a Cape Woolamai Mercantile Co. Outpost, or one of our select Retail Partners.


Cape Woolamai represents a select group of Australian brands. Each of our products are different in nature and purpose, and each manufacturer establishes their own warranty policies & procedures. By purchasing from an authorized Cape Woolamai retail outlet, you are protected by Cape Woolamai Mercantile serving as your warranty service provider. Saving you the time and expense of shipping items back and forth between North America and Australia.


See the listing of Manufacturer Warranties below to learn about the warranty coverage on your products. To file a warranty claim:


① Contact the authorized Cape Woolamai Mercantile Outpost or select Retail Partner from whom you purchased the item to initiate a Warranty Claim. You should find their contact information on your purchase receipt. If you are unsure of where your item was purchased, contact the Cape Woolamai Mercantile Customer Care Team at:


P: 540.338.8189

E: Contact@CapeWool.com


② You may be asked to submit photos of the damaged or defective item via email, or to return the item for review, repair or replacement. If you are asked to return an item, you only pay for shipping to the designated return location. We will pay to return the repaired or replacement item to you.


③ Upon review, we will notify you of your remedy options under the Manufacturer & Cape Woolamai Mercantile warranty programs, and work with you to facilitate the option which best serves you.




Manufacturer Warranties


Adori Leathergoods — All Adori leather goods are guaranteed against defects and faulty workmanship. Adori Leathergoods will repair or replace any defective product within one year of purchase. Proof of purchase will be required for warranty to apply. Customers are responsible for shipping and handling charges.


Alperstein Designs —


Burke & Wills —


Cape Woolamai Mercantile —


Didgeridoonas — 


Elka —


Humphrey Law —


Jacaru —


New Castle —


St Albans —