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Life's an Adventure

Life is for the bold, and so is this collection. Slide one of these lightweight, boldly colored coasters onto the bottom of your wine or cocktail glass and enjoy a "no worries" celebration of the day's adventures, with confidence that your drink will sit stable & steady and ready to refresh.

Ideal for the beach, patio, picnics, pool parties, camping, cocktail parties, or concerts in the park. Anywhere you want to enjoy life & libations with good friends. The Adventure collection gives you 4 boldly colored coasters to share with your best Mates. So, stop worrying about your glass toppling over, forget those little wine charms, and enjoy the good times. Because ...

Life's too short to spill wine.

The Adventure collection is the perfect gift for the adventurers in your life.

Coaster Colors: Smoke | Amber | Green | Clear Bag: Natural
  • The Ultimate Wine & Cocktail Coaster

    Just slip one of these colorful, lightweight, fun and ingenious coasters onto the bottom of your Wine or Cocktail glass and make the accidental spill a thing of the past. Because ...

    Life's too short to spill wine.

    Will They Fit On My Wine Glass?
    Glass on the Grass™ coasters are designed to slip onto the base of most standard wine glasses and stemmed cocktail glasses. They may not fit some glassware designed with very small bases, thick stems, or glasses that are especially tall. Just slide your glass under the clips so that it sits level on the base as per the instructions and enjoy.

    Can They Be Used With Glass or Plastic Glasses?
    The choice is yours. Glass on the Grass™ was designed for glassware because we prefer drinking from glass, and it can be risky to use glass outdoors. But there are times when plastic is right choice. If you are around water, we strongly recommend you use our base with plastic glassware.

    Is My Glass Guaranteed Not to Tip Over?
    No. We cannot guarantee your glass will never tip over. What you can count on is that each Glass on the Grass™ and Glass on the Boat™ coaster will lower the center of gravity of your glass and prevent your glass from tipping over barring a most dramatic incident.

    How Do I Wash My Coasters? After use, slip it off your glass and wash in warm water using dishwashing liquid.

    Is it Food Safe and Recyclable?
    Yes, Glass on the Grass™ is made from food grade, BPA free, and recyclable K-Resin. Wash in warm water using dishwashing liquid.

    Where Are They Made?
    Glass on the Grass™ is designed and made in Australia by an Australian company. Our brochure is printed in Australia. Our storage bags are made in China.

    Smart Packaging
    As strong advocates of reducing waste Glass on the Grass™ comes in a reusable bag, perfect for storage and transport. When not in use keep out of direct sunlight to reduce color fading, which may happen over time.

    Why Do They Look Lighter or Darker in Some Photos?
    Please note there may be variation in depth of color due to our small batch boutique production and varying lighting conditions during photography.
    Crafted By Glass on the Grass
    Size 4-Pack
    Length No
    Width No
    Height No
    Diameter 4.75

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