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Take Home the Memories. Leave the Sand. Few things do more to refresh the spirit than a day at the beach. Swimming in the surf, sunning on the sand, making memories with family and friends. But then, there are those less pleasant reminders of your day at the beach: the wet, sand-covered towels and clothing; the wet and gritty car seats & carpet; the wear on the finished surfaces of the boat or RV; and the sand dragged into the house.

Bondi Lifeguard and Photographer, Anthony Glick (“Glick” from the hit reality TV show Bondi Rescue) is on a mission to help make your time at the beach even more enjoyable; and when the day is done, you take home the great memories, and leave the sand behind.

The Ultimate Beach Towel. Created by a Professional Lifeguard. What makes each Destination Towel so special?

  • Ultra-Absorbent — Crafted from a special industrial grade microfiber which absorbs roughly 300% as much water as ordinary towels. Dry off fully. Dry off faster.

  • Quick-Drying — This special microfiber also dries in less than half the time of ordinary towels. No more adorning the rail of the boat, deck, or shower rod with slow-to-dry towels.

  • Sand-Free — Originally created for clean-room environments, this remarkable microfiber resists sand and grit. Wet or dry, the sand falls right off. You take home absolutely none of the sand!

Wrap yourself in a true piece of art. Each Destination Towel features original Anthony Glick photography which captures the essence of one of the many iconic beaches of Australia, or other aspirational destinations.

  • ◆ Specially printed to capture the vibrance of each setting.

  • ◆ The Front features an original Anthony Glick photograph, plus the GPS coordinates for the location to show you where in the world your beach is found.

  • ◆ The Reverse is imprinted with the Destination Towels signature coordinates pattern.

More than just the best beach towel you will ever own. A Destination Towel makes any day at the beach more enjoyable. But there are plenty of other places where an ultra-absorbent, quick-drying, large towel can make your Life more comfortable.

  • ◆ Make a day at the pool all the more pleasurable.

  • ◆ Make a rejuvenating soak in the hot tub more luxurious.

  • ◆ Get your body and hair fully dry when you pop out of the shower.

  • ◆ Stocking your Boat or RV with sand-free Destination Towels can help prevent wet, gritty towels from damaging sensitive (and expensive) surfaces.

More features for a “No Worries” day. When you are a Professional Lifeguard, you learn to pay attention to the little things which can make a big difference. Your Destination Towel:

  • ◆ Rolls down to a light, tight, compact size, for easy carrying, and packing for travel.

  • ◆ Includes a sewn in hanging loop for convenient hanging.

  • ◆ Comes packaged with a Destination Towels string bag for conveniently carrying your towel and swim gear.

Location - Bondi Beach, Sydney Australia 33.8950°S 151.2746°E
  • Necessity is the Mother of Invention. When you sign on to become a professional Lifeguard at one of the most famous beaches in the World, you do not immediately think you are signing up for a lifestyle where your gear will be perpetually wet and covered in sand.

    Fortunately for all of us, Anthony Glick (“Glick” from the hit reality tv show Bondi Rescue) made the choice to become a Bondi Beach Lifeguard as a very young man, and from this experience has brought to the world the first Ultra-Absorbent, Quick-Drying, Sand-Free beach towels … the stunning Destination Towels collection.

    It is a classic story of invention. An annoyance becomes a frustration. Frustration launches the search for a solution. Lack of a ready solution releases a creative spark. Purpose, vision, and perseverance bring forth an innovative creation.After being disappointed by the countless towels currently on the market, Anthony went to work researching materials and methods for creating the ultimate beach towel. More than 12 months of research and testing in some harsh Australian beach conditions, he found the answer.

    The Destination Towels collection brings you the last beach towel you will ever need.

    Bringing the Best of Australia Home to You. The Cape Woolamai Mercantile team met Anthony in February 2019 when he was first introducing Destination Towels to the World beyond Bondi. Always interested in hearing the story of a young entrepreneur – Anthony is the same age as our Founding Partner, David Phillips – we took a close look at what Anthony has created. Committed to only bringing you the best in authentic Australian creations we put the towels to the test.

    These towels deliver on their promise … and then some. Being Winter in Virginia, we first started using Destination Towels as shower towels. The absorbency was beyond anything we had ever experienced. And they dried in no time. On the road in Florida, David took his Destination Towel to Palm Beach for a day of surf, sun, and fun. After a few rounds of swim, dry off, sun, repeat, David was amazed by just how ultra-absorbent, quick-drying, and sand free his towel was. As the ultimate test, before his last dip of the day, David completely buried his Destination Towel in the sand, then headed for the surf. Unearthing his towel upon his return, one quick shake and all the sand was back on the beach. Amazing!

    Our customers rave about having the same types of experiences with their Destination Towels.

    Inspiring Art from Aspirational Destinations. As a photographer, Anthony has an eye for capturing the essence of aspirational beach landscapes. Each Destination Towel is imprinted with an an original inspirational image, captured by Anthony, plus the GPS coordinates to tell you where in the World your beach is to be found.

    Color-Fast Printing. Few pieces of art are intended to endure the tests to which a beach towel is put. Destination Towels are printed using a color-fast method intended to provide the greatest protection from fading, even after repeated washings. Following a few simple care instructions can help you get the most from your towels:

    • ◆ Hang Dry After Use — Hang your towel to dry after each use for fastest drying.
    • ◆ Cold Water Wash — Washing in cold water will lead to the least amount of color fading.
    • ◆ Wash After Use in Chlorinated Pools — Chlorine helps keep pool water germ free, but it is also the #1 active ingredient in bleach. When using your Destination Towels around the pool or spa, we recommend washing them in cold water after each use to protect the printed designs.
    • ◆ Forget the Fabric Softener — This special microfiber is already an ultra-soft fabric, which remains soft after washing. Fabric softener has been known to reduce the absorbency of fabrics over time. To get the most life from your Destination Towels, we recommend washing without fabric softener.

    Created for Life’s Adventures. Each Destination towel rolls up into a light, tight, compact bundle. Perfect for packing to take along on Life’s adventures. Do not let the light weight deceive you. Your Destination Towel is tough. It is designed to go with you, wherever your destination may be.

    Crafted By Destination Towels
    Length 63
    Width 31.5
    Height 4
    Diameter 4

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