Kangaroo Leather Pen

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Give the Gift of Style, Comfort, and a Story. This Adori Kangaroo leather wrapped executive pen is light, comfortable in the hand, writes clean and crisp on the page, and gives you and the recipient the gift of a unique story to share.

What makes this pen so special? This is not an exotic fountain pen. It was not developed in a NASA laboratory. It does not write upside down underwater. This pen is such a great gift for yourself or those you care for because:

  • ◆ It is light and proportioned to be comfortable in the hand.

  • ◆ It is wrapped in soft Kangaroo Leather, it is easy and comfortable to grip.

  • ◆ It writes in smooth, crisp lines on the page.

  • ◆ It helps fend off that sore spot which develops on the first knuckle of your middle finger most pens seem to promote.

  • ◆ It is a pen you can keep for life, as it takes a standard Parker refill.

And, as an eye-catching accessory, created by a family-owned business in Australia, wrapped in premium Australian Kangaroo Leather … It is a fun conversation piece!

Our Customers Say … Buy 2. Since introducing this special Adori executive gift item to our friends here in America we have repeatedly had return Customers tell us “You have to tell people that they need to buy 2.” They go on to tell us how they either bought one as a gift, but after trying it out at home, they decided they needed one for themselves. Or, after giving the gift, the recipient tells them about how much they love their new pen, and the conversations it starts. So, they come back to buy another for themselves.

Everyday Luxury.. Since 2005, Cape Woolamai Mercantile has scoured and scouted Australia to bring home unique, boutique, everyday luxury lifestyle accessories to our friends here in America. Family owned and operated Adori Leathergoods crafts the finest Kangaroo Leather wallets and lifestyle accessories. You and yours deserve to write with a Roo.
  • Why you should choose Roo like Olympians do. Many of the World’s elite athletes choose Kangaroo leather as the material they count on for peak performance. The unique attributes of Kangaroo leather make it ideal for crafting high performance athletic shoes & equipment, as well as light, lasting, lifestyle accessories. 1/2 the weight and 2 times the strength of Cow leather, Kangaroo leather produces a lighter, softer, more supple finished product, which becomes less of a brick in your pocket, purse, or case.

    360° Grain structure means no “breaking in” or losing form. As rugged as the environment in which they live is demanding, Kangaroos have developed many surprisingly beneficial characteristics. A unique 360° grain structure allows the leather to easily conform to the contours of your body without tearing or losing form. Being naturally light, soft, and supple, means there is no “breaking in” period. Your new wallet will fit in your pocket as comfortably on Day 1 as it will on Day 1000.

    Independent testing confirms Kangaroo lasts longer. Comparative testing done by the CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization) has determined that the tight fiber structure of Kangaroo leather delivers 2 to 3 times the wear life as a comparable Bovine (Cow) leather.

    Thinner, lighter, softer, stronger, Kangaroo will last you longer. The facts speak for themselves. Kangaroo leather is thinner, lighter, softer, stronger, more supple, more flexible, with no need for a “breaking in” period, and a longer wear life than traditional Cow leather. It is the perfect leather from which to craft light, lovely, and long-lasting lifestyle accessories.

    Responsibly sourced to conserve this National Treasure. The Kangaroo is the symbol of Australia. But, a lack of natural predators can contribute to over-population, exhaustion of food supplies, starvation, and disease. Threatening the very survival of these amazing creatures. Kangaroo populations are monitored and managed under a strict, federally controlled, culling program. It is from this conservation program that Adori’s Kangaroo leather is legally and responsibly sourced.

    Less than 10% make the grade to bear the Adori name. Not all Kangaroo leather is equal. And not all Kangaroo leather can measure up to Adori’s high standards. Kangaroos live a life as rough and rugged as the land on which they live. They must contend with times of deprivation, drought, and disease. Living in the wild, these uniquely Australian creatures get scratched and scarred from encounters with rocks, other Roo’s, and the rest of their environment. Their leather can be thin, scratched, or scarred, which can leave weak spots, and unwanted blemishes. The experts at Adori closely inspect every inch of leather, for the less than 10% which makes the grade to bear the Adori name.

    You will see and feel the expert craftmanship. The Adori collection includes wallets and accessories in a wide range of sizes, styles, and colors. The expert leather workers of Adori Leathergoods:

    • ◆ Start with the finest materials
    • ◆ Coupled with a catalog of classic & creative designs
    • ◆ To which they apply their talent and expertise
    • ◆ To create exceptional wallets and accessories
    • ◆ Responsibly sourced & crafted in Australia by this family-owned business

    Brought to you by Cape Woolamai Mercantile Co. -- a family-owned and operated American business -- and backed by the Cape Woolamai Performance Guarantee.

    Lighter, thinner, softer, and stronger, this Adori Pen will last you longer. When you are looking for an exceptional leather case, an Adori Roo is right for you.

    Crafted By Adori Leathergoods
    Color Black
    Form Factor Gift
    Leather Kangaroo
    Length 5.5"
    Width 0.4

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