Adori Leathergoods

Adori Leathergoods expertly crafts fine wallets, cases, and other life accessories from exotic leathers such as Kangaroo, Emu, Ostrich and Crocodile. When we began searching for a maker of premium Kangaroo Leather wallets and accessories to bring to America, all roads led us to Adori Leathergoods, a family-owned business in Melbourne, Australia. Nick Theodore and his team take great pride and care in selecting the best leathers and maintaining strict quality standards in crafting this wonderful family of fine leather products.

We learned of the benefits of Kangaroo leather years ago when our founding partner David Phillips earned a Kangaroo Leather baseball glove from a fundraising program for his youth baseball league. Kangaroo leather is the weight, and twice the strength of cow leather, and has a softer and suppler finish than other leathers. Creating a lighter, softer, more pleasing finished product which does not become such a brick in your pocket or purse. From the Adori family in Australia, through our family business, to families across America, we are proud to introduce you to the Adori Leathergoods collection.

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