Humphrey Law

In 1947 Sidney Humphrey and Albert Law formed a partnership to make socks in Australia. 70+ years later, this family-owned business is still making socks, and only socks, in that much expanded factory on the north side of Melbourne. David Phillips (our founding partner) discovered Humphrey Law in 2016 while working (and playing Baseball) in Australia upon graduating college. Upon meeting the people, touring the factory, learning about what makes Humphrey Law so unique, and most importantly wearing their socks, David decided we had to bring Humphrey Law to America.

These are simply the best socks you will ever put on your feet. From their incredible Health Socks®, to their Sport Socks, Work Socks, Boot Socks and Specialty Socks, the Humphrey Law team is committed to making an incredible product, in an environmentally friendly and socially conscious manner, at competitive prices. And they have been doing so since 1947. A testament to the quality of what the Humphrey Law team does, is that this family business has been outfitting the entire Australian Defense Force for over 40 years.

From this family business in Australia, through our family business, to families across America, we are proud to introduce you to the Humphrey Law collection.