Didgeridoonas was founded in 1995 by the husband & wife team of Leigh & Barbi Hemming. Longtime creators of high-quality wool outwear and bedding, Leigh & Barbi began exploring other applications for the many strengths of Australian Wool. Knowing that pure Australian wool is one of the greatest natural insulators, they asked themselves: If wool can be used to keep people warm, can it be used to keep things cold?

Starting with a concept, two sewing machines, and a casual seamstress, the Team combined the benefits of rugged, weatherproof Australian oilskin canvas, with the insulating power of pure Australian Wool, strong leather straps, and the toughest stitching they could find. They thought they were creating a cooler which would keep ice frozen longer. Instead, they discovered they had created a cooler that does not require ice.

In 2005, we brought Didgeridoonas to America, where the brand has grown a loyal following. When the Hemmings retired, they sold Didgeridoonas to David & Bronwyn Rodgers, another family business long rooted in crafting high-quality Australian oilskin products. From the Didgeridoonas family in Australia, through our family business, to families across America, we proudly introduce you to the Didgeridoonas collection.

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