Cape Woolamai Mercantile

Cape Woolamai Mercantile Co. was founded in 2005 as a hobby business by then 12-year old David Phillips. It all began when the founders of Didgeridoonas (Australia) said Yes to allowing a young entrepreneur to take a shot at selling their amazing Ice-Free Coolers & Koozies here in America. In the years since, we have assembled a collection of unique, boutique quality products crafted by some great family-owned Australian companies

We live with and love our products. We have the pleasure of speaking with thousands of customers every year at the events we work around the country. We love hearing your stories about how you also live with and love your great Aussie gear. We also love hearing all the if only you had comments that only come from living with something as a part of your daily life.

The Cape Woolamai Collection has been created by listening to our customers, to create products which respond to those most frequently requested if only you had. Today, we have. Working in partnership with our great Australian partners we have created the Cape Woolamai Collection of products. Inspired and designed by Americans, crafted to our specification by our Australian partners, for our family business to bring to families across America. We are proud to introduce you to the Cape Woolamai Mercantile collection. 

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